Beginner Yoga Classes

Are you new to yoga, or finding your practice after a prolonged absence? Unity Yoga's Yoga 101, 102, and 103 Series classes are designed to build confidence, strength, balance, and flexibility as you build your long term Yoga practice. Yoga 101 teaches the foundation poses with modifications right for YOUR body and helps you to navigate the various styles of Yoga to find the path that meets your needs. Yoga 102 introduces transitions between the poses to learn Vinyasa flow style yoga. Yoga 103 is continued instruction and practice for more advanced modifications of traditional yoga poses.

Yoga 101, 102, and 103 Series Classes are multi-week commitments.

Looking for a low-commitment start RIGHT NOW? Try one of these beginner-friendly drop-in options:

  • Gentle Yoga
  • Hatha Level 1
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Pose Tune Up!
  • Yin Yoga
  • All Levels Hatha Yoga (Technique)
  • Lunch Hour Yoga
  • Yoga for Morning
  • Chair Yoga
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Yoga 101 (Beginner Yoga Series)

Saturdays, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

March 24, 31
April 7, 14, 21, 28

6 Week Series - $135

New to yoga? Not sure where to begin? In Yoga 101 (Beginner Yoga Series), you'll learn essential body awareness, breath, and basic yoga poses from the ground up!

With emphasis on practical modifications to improve balance, strength, and integrity of alignment in fundamental yoga poses, this multi-week class builds on previous lessons.

This class is designed to help you build, improve, and grow your personal yoga practice at the pace that is optimal for you. Because this series builds from the previous week’s lesson, no drop-ins are allowed for Yoga 101 (Beginner Yoga Series) Classes.

Recommended yoga experience: 0 - 6 months

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Yoga 102 (Vinyasa Technique)

In Yoga 102, we build on existing strength and body awareness to introduce transitions between poses and variations you can take to bring confidence to your Vinyasa style yoga practice.

In this 6-week Vinyasa Technique series, we learn and practice important breathing, body positioning, and alignment techniques used in Vinyasa flow style yoga. See a demonstration video here! Each 90 minute class emphasizes safe alignment and transitions for routine Vinyasa flow movements and poses, with emphasis on critical body placement to smoothly navigate our mat in all directions. Questions and discussion are encouraged to help our students grow!

In Yoga 102, we will practice:

  • Body awareness for fluid movement
  • Safety in pose transitions
  • Advanced beginner poses (chaturanga, upward-facing dog)
  • hop/float transitions

This class was developed at the request of students who are interested in Vinyasa flow style yoga with detailed instruction.

Prerequisites: Completion of Yoga 101 or regular attendance in our Hatha or Vinyasa yoga classes. Students should also be able to hold plank pose with good form for 4-5 breaths. Because each class builds on previous lessons, no drop ins are permitted for Yoga 102 Classes. Instructor permission required for students who have not completed Yoga 101.

Recommended yoga experience: 3+ months

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Yoga 103 (Challenge Poses)

By the third of our workshop style series classes, we will have increased strength and stamina with regular yoga practice and are ready for new and playful poses and transitions!

Our Yoga 103 class prepares students for advanced, challenging poses, including arm balances (crow, side crow, firefly) and inversions (headstand, handstand) as well as Vinyasa transitions (float to forward fold, float to chaturanga). Yoga 103 is designed so that students may comfortably integrate and practice these new skills in our Vinyasa 2 and All Levels Vinyasa classes.

    Tentative Schedule:

  • Week 1 - Lateral Poses
  • Week 2 - Arm Balances (Part 1)
  • Week 3 - Backbends
  • Week 4 - Standing Balance & Arm Balance (Part 2)

Get schedule updates by visiting our Facebook Event pages! Prerequisites for Yoga 103 include six months of regular yoga practice, the ability to maintain chaturanga dandasana for 6-8 breaths, and good physical health. *

This class is intended for regular Yoga practitioners with 6 months or more experience with Vinyasa Flow Level 1-2 and above.

Recommended yoga experience: 6+ months

Note that some intermediate prep work and poses in Yoga 103 may be contraindicated for students with history of uncontrolled high blood pressure, shoulder injury, glaucoma, or stroke. Please speak with our Studio prior to enrolling if any of these conditions apply.

Each of these courses is a multi-week commitment to developing your skill. The objective of our Series class format is to establish a foundation for your personal yoga practice with our Studio, or to guide you to safe practice wherever your journey may take you.

All of our Weekly Class Listings are Drop-in Friendly. Pre-registration is required for all Yoga 101, Yoga 102, and Yoga 103 Series Classes.

Enrollment for each Series class is limited to between 12 and 18 students, with a 6 student registration minimum. Because each Series builds from the previous week’s lesson, no drop-ins are allowed.

Attendance is limited for Yoga Series Classes and pre-registration is required. Due to the popularity of these classes, series registration is non-refundable except in the event of class cancellation.

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