Yoga Beyond the Mat

Yoga has gained both visibility and popularity in recent years. Drawn initially to yoga as a form of exercise, many students find themselves living day to day with a greater sense of purpose, peace, self-acceptance, and gratitude. Unity Yoga and its teachers support personal development off the mat by providing personal connection and resources for a healthy lifestyle.

Community Meditation

Meditation is quickly becoming the go-to technique the world over for mental clarity, vitality and happiness. But starting out to master the “Art of doing nothing” can be challenging. In this class designed for beginners and the experienced alike, we fill in the ‘missing links’ as we prepare the mind, body and spirit for sinking into gentle guided meditation using ancient breathwork techniques (pranayamas). Unplug from your week and recharge with us on Meditation Thursdays!

Donation Based - Follow our Facebook Events for class dates

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class time to set up your seat.


Life is a celebration! What better way to celebrate than music? Kirtan is an ancient and joyful practice of simply coming together and singing. Although this idea exists in all cultures, Kirtan or “Satsang” as its also called, consists of sounds, or mantras, strung together to have an uplifting effect on the nervous system. Did you know that each sound vibrates in different parts of the body?

The word Satsang means “company of the truth.” When we sing and surround ourselves with positive company, we are able to let go, dissolve negative emotions and see things as they really are. A Kirtan session is usually call and response, so everyone can participate and benefit, even non-singers! Anand has been facilitating Kirtan sessions for many years, and invites you to come along and learn this simple and joyful art of letting go.

Kirtan Night - Saturday, June 24 @ 6:00 pm - Family Friendly!

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Yoga for Happiness

Beyond asana, Yoga for Happiness classes promote well-being, contentedness, and skills for coping and relaxation. Coupled with Anand and Tanu's whole food "Yoga of Deliciousness" program - there is no way NOT to be happy!

Class meets Fridays at 6:00 pm - Verify class status on the Online Class Schedule

Our Teachers

  • Tanu Malaviya

    For Tanu, yoga is not only a practice on the mat, but the art of living life with skill and awareness off the mat. She feels our core nature is happiness, but stress, emotions and diet can affect our mental peace. When we obtain the skills to dissolve stress, nurture vitality and cultivate happiness, we are able to live life with natural ease and creativity … despite life’s ups and downs. Driven by her own challenges and journey into health and happiness, Tanu offers workshops and classes on meditation, yoga, breathing, self-care and wholesome eating based on Ayurveda.

    Tanu is one of two teachers in Eastern Washington, along with her husband Anand, who are authorised to facilitate meditation, yoga and self-development programs on behalf of the Art of Living Foundation, founded by renowned meditation master and humanitarian Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. She specialises in wholefood education, wellness therapies, children and youth self-development workshops as well as the respected Happiness Program for adults. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for 18 years and teaching for eight.

  • M.K. Anand

    Being part of the competitive, fast paced, business and engineering world, Anand is no stranger to stress and its impacts. As a young man at university, Anand saw a need to acquire tools that combat negative feelings and promote clarity during times of stress. Inspired by some uplifted friends, Anand was introduced to yoga, breath work and meditation offered by the Art of Living Foundation. Ironically, these were the same skills his parents tried to instill in him as a child, but it was not until he went looking for it himself did they take root. This served as a catalyst on his ongoing journey to becoming the best version of himself and sharing everything he has learned along the way. Anand now teaches what helps him the most: -The Happiness Program - a 3 day self-development workshop offered by the Art of Living Foundation, Yoga for Happiness, Kirtan and helping those looking to transition to a Whole-food, Plant-based diet. Anand has been practicing meditation, breath work and happiness for 18 years and teaching for eight.

    Check out the Yoga-Meditation-Food Tri-Cities Meetup Group for more special events!

    Charitable Contributions

    Donations received from our Yoga Beyond the Mat classes benefit the Noble Animal Sanctuary in Prosser, Washington. The Noble Animal Sanctuary offers a forever home to animals rescued from neglect, abuse, having special needs, or surrendered from those unable to take care of them. The sanctuary was founded by Michelle Jones (Allgaier), an advocate for animal rights and the original founder of The Yoga Community in Kennewick, Washington.

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured, and endure what cannot be cured.
B.K.S. Iyengar


Conveniently located at 524 Lee Boulevard in the Richland Parkway, our entrance is on the North side of Lee between Jadwin and the Roundabout.


Our studio offers over 1,000 sq ft of practice space, premium yoga props, and a separate reception space and changing room.

Complimentary tea is served in our reception area.

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Our hours are by class schedule and appointment only. Doors are unlocked 20 minutes before each scheduled class. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early. Late arrivals are NOT accommodated.

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