Unity Yoga Classes

We are happy to offer a variety of classes to suit yogis of all ages and abilities. With more than a dozen class offerings each week, you're sure to find the class and teacher that are right for you in your yoga practice.

Unity Yoga also offers Private Sessions, Small Group Classes, and Open Studio for personal practice. Please contact us for availability.

Beginner Yoga Classes

Are you new to yoga, or finding your practice after a prolonged absence? Unity Yoga's Yoga 101 Series classes are designed to build confidence, strength, balance, and flexibility as you build your long term Yoga practice. Yoga 101 teaches fundamental yoga poses and modifications for YOUR body, and helps you to decide which style of Yoga is best for you.

Yoga 101 (Beginner Yoga Series)

New to yoga? Not sure where to begin? In Yoga 101 (Beginner Yoga Series), you'll learn essential body awareness, breath, and basic yoga poses from the ground up!

With emphasis on practical modifications to improve balance, strength, and integrity of alignment in fundamental yoga poses, this multi-week class builds on previous lessons.

This class is designed to help you build, improve, and grow your personal yoga practice at the pace that is optimal for you. Because this series builds from the previous week’s lesson, no drop-ins are allowed for Yoga 101 (Beginner Yoga Series) Classes.

Recommended yoga experience: 0 - 6 months

See current class offerings on our Beginner Class Descriptions or Events Page

Yoga 102 (Vinyasa Technique)

In Yoga 102, we build on existing strength and 4 to 6 months of consistent practice to introduce more challenging poses, modifications, and transitions between poses.

In this 6-week Vinyasa Technique series, we learn and practice important breathing, body positioning, and alignment techniques used in Vinyasa flow style yoga. See a demonstration video here! Each 90 minute class emphasizes safe alignment and transitions for routine Vinyasa flow movements and poses, with emphasis on critical body placement to smoothly navigate our mat in all directions. Questions and discussion are encouraged to help our students grow!

In Yoga 102, we will practice:

  • Body awareness for fluid movement
  • Safety in pose transitions
  • Advanced beginner poses (chaturanga, upward-facing dog)
  • hop/float transitions

This class was developed at the request of students who are interested in Vinyasa flow style yoga with detailed instruction.

See current class offerings on our Beginner Class Descriptions or Events Page

Looking for a low-commitment start RIGHT NOW? Drop in on one of these beginner-friendly weekly class options for only $16:

  • Gentle Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • All Levels Hatha Yoga (Technique)
  • Lunch Hour Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Beginner Vinyasa Yoga
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Weekly Classes

Unity Yoga is pleased to offer a variety of yoga classes to fit your schedule and abilities. We provide quality instruction deeply rooted in the traditions and practices individual to each instructor. Our methods and classes reflect the lineages of our training and the experience gained from long-term personal practice. All Weekly Class offerings are drop-in friendly!

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that bridges specific yoga postures (asana) by directing breath with movement. Often termed “flow yoga” Vinyasa yoga increases endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance through guided breath and movement. Basic understanding of yoga postures and their execution is recommended. Please attend the Vinyasa Yoga class that is most appropriate to your level and abilities.

If you are brand new to yoga, we recommend starting with our Yoga 101 or Hatha style yoga classes.

Beginner Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa yoga uses flowing movement to transition from pose to pose at a steady pace. This beginner-level Vinyasa-style class helps you to develop ease on the mat, while building strength, stamina, and flexibility. Some prior yoga experience is preferred. This class is a perfect stepping stone for students who have taken our Yoga 101 or Hatha Yoga classes and are interested in exploring movement on the mat! (60 minutes)

Slow Flow Vinyasa: Our Slow Flow Vinyasa class uses flowing transitions between poses to improve strength, endurance, balance and coordination in a traditional vinyasa-style yoga practice. This class is a good fit for beginner to advanced-beginner students who have completed our Yoga 101 (Beginner Yoga Series) classes and are seeking a mild to moderate-paced yoga class with flowing movement. Students must be comfortable on hands and knees and able to come from the floor to standing with relative ease. Prior yoga experience is recommended. (60 minutes)

Vinyasa Level 1-2: Our Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga class introduces more intense variations of yoga poses by preparing the body with dynamic Vinyasa conditioning sequences. Strength, stamina, and flexibility are challenged in this rigorous practice. Intermediate to advanced postures (arm balances and inversions) are routinely practiced to encourage students to explore their potential. (75 minutes)

Peak Pose & Vinyasa: This 75 minute Vinyasa class focuses on intermediate to advanced flowing sequences and postures with detailed preparation and instruction for a weekly "peak pose." This class routinely incorporates arm balances, inversions, and binds to challenge both body and mind.

It is important that you attend the class level that is suitable for your capabilities. This class is most appropriate for students with 1 year or more of experience in Vinyasa Yoga who are comfortable and well-practiced with poses such as crow, side crow, eka pada kundinyasana, urdhva dhanurasana, and inversions such as headstand and handstand. (75 minutes)

All Levels Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Our All Levels Vinyasa Flow class is a vigorous 60 to 90 minutes of continuous movement. Each student is encouraged to practice yoga with the “be where you are” mindset (including resting, as needed!). Intermediate to advanced modifications are routinely offered for experienced practitioners.

Previous yoga experience is highly recommended (recommended yoga experience: 3+ months). All Levels Vinyasa Flow is designed for students who are already familiar with proper pose alignment and transitions in Vinyasa style yoga. If you are brand new to yoga, we recommend starting with our Yoga 101 or Hatha style yoga classes. (60 - 90 minutes)

Sunrise Yoga: This gentle and energizing practice opens and awakens the body and mind in preparation for the day ahead. Start your day off by clearing the fog and saluting the sun. (60 minutes)

New To Yoga? Not sure what style to choose? See the Yoga 101 class description to begin your Vinyasa Yoga practice.

Gentle Yoga classes are perfect for students looking for a low-intensity practice with less vigorous movement. Gentle classes are beginner-friendly and appropriate for all practitioners.

Gentle Yoga: Gentle Yoga offers fundamental seated and standing yoga postures, breathing techniques, gentle movement, and stretching to ease into stronger, more stable, and more flexible yoga practice. Perfect for any student looking for gentle stretching and mindful movement, this class is most appropriate for those seeking low-intensity yoga with a combination of stabilizing poses and flowing movement. This class readily accommodates new-to-yoga students and others seeking a traditional yoga class appropriate for mid-life practice. (60 minutes)

Gentle Flow Yoga: Gentle Flow Yoga incorporates controlled movement and sequencing to build internal heat, tone muscle, and find balance between strength and stretch. Gentle doesn't always mean "easy" and our students are encouraged to participate and rest as they feel fit for their own experience! Settle into your own form of sweetness with Gentle Flow Yoga.

This class is best suited for students who do not have major mobility limitations and are comfortable being on hands and knees. (60 minutes)

Restorative Yoga: Our Restorative Yoga class combines gentle stretching, flowing movement, and classical restorative postures to release tension and help connect to the stillness within. Originally designed to promote sublime relaxation and restful sleep, this popular class is a great choice for students needing a private retreat from their hectic schedule. Take time, tune in, relax, and renew. (Duration varies by offering, 75-90 minutes)

Self-Care Sunday: This is a revolving-topic class designed for students needing relaxation and personal retreat. Offered twice each month, instruction and practice include topics such as restorative yoga, yin yoga, yoga nidra, pranayama, meditation, and holistic wellness. Guest speakers may be invited to present information on relevant wellness subjects. See Facebook for class subjects each week! (90 - 120 minutes)

Chair Yoga: Our Chair Yoga class is designed to improve range of motion, balance, and overall mobility through the practice of yoga. With the use of chairs and other props, we build and maintain balance, strength, flexibility, and natural motion for everyday tasks, improved health, and overall well-being. This class is senior-friendly and is also beneficial for students needing a slow paced practice adapted to accommodate injury recovery, arthritis, neuropathy, autoimmune conditions, and other ailments. (60 Minutes)

NOTE: Chair Yoga classes are $10 each or 5 for $45. Class size is limited to 8 students.

Our Traditional Yoga class offerings are inspired by the Yin, Hatha, Iyengar, and Ashtanga Traditions. These slower-paced classes are beginner-friendly and focus on form and alignment.

Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga uses a slow, steady stretch of connective tissue to improve range of motion and joint flexibility over time. Subtly deepening poses, lengthening the time spent in poses, and navigating the engagement and relaxation of specific muscle groups ensures a safe approach to all of yoga’s benefits. This class complements traditional vinyasa yoga practice as well as athletic pursuits such as running and cycling. (60 minutes)

Hatha Level 1: Hatha Yoga uses postures (asana) in combination with the breath to promote body awareness, proper alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility. This class integrates traditional breathing practices (pranayama), meditation techniques, and yogic philosophy to deepen one's understanding of yoga and to offer a practical approach to yoga both on and off the mat. Our Level 1 Hatha class offering is geared for beginner to advanced-beginner students who have completed our Yoga 101 (Beginner Yoga Series) class and prefer a slower-paced class with less flowing movement. (60 minutes)

All Levels Hatha Yoga (Technique): Perfect for beginning students or seasoned yogis looking to deepen and refine postures, this class focuses on proper yoga technique through the use of props to find strength, flexibility, and balance in each posture. We will begin by building a strong foundation for each posture then move into the subtleties of the pose. Alignment cues will be used to stay present and focused throughout the practice. Students experience each posture while developing their own unique body awareness. Classes take on a different focus for the day offering a variety of exploration. (60 - 75 minutes)

Lunch Hour Yoga: Why not make a lunch date with your yoga practice? This all-levels class is designed to reset your work day. This convenient 60-minute class offers centering techniques, invigorating seated and standing poses, Sun Salutations, therapeutic stretching, and relaxation for a mid-day reboot that sends you back into the world feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Beginner friendly! (60 minutes)

Community Meditation: Beginning with techniques in breath awareness and control, this gently guided class allows body and mind to become still, conducive to more peaceful and joyful meditation. Whether you’re a long-time yogi or a new practitioner, pranayama (yoga breath work) and meditation will ground and balance your yoga practice as well as life off of the mat. Comfortably warm attire is recommended.

See our full class description and meet our teachers on the Yoga Beyond the Mat page. Students are encouraged to bring a meditation cushion or yoga mat. Chairs and other props are also available. (60 minutes)

Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of full body relaxation to induce a deep, meditative state of consciousness. As little as a 20 minute practice of this guided conscious relaxation has been shown to restore body and mind as well as a four hour nap! This technique may be offered for relaxation in our Gentle Yoga classes, and is planned to be included in weekend Restorative practices and specialty workshops. See schedule for class offering.

Family Yoga: Unity Yoga is pleased to offer our Family Yoga classes (see Schedule for dates and times). Fees are $5 per person, up to $20 per family. Children must be accompanied by parent, guardian, or legal caregiver. Signed waiver required. Participation limited to two children per adult, please. (60 minutes)

Unity Yoga also offers Private Sessions, Business/Organization Small Group Classes, and Open Studio for personal practice. Please contact us for availability.

Series Classes

Unity Yoga offers multi-week Series Classes to help our students strengthen and grow in their personal practice. The schedule and variety of Series classes offered are interest-based. Let us know if there's something you'd like to see offered as a 4-week, 6-week, 8-week, or 12-week Series!

Community Meditation

Meditation is quickly becoming the go-to technique the world over for mental clarity, vitality and happiness. But starting out to master the “Art of doing nothing” can be challenging. In this class designed for beginners and the experienced alike, we fill in the ‘missing links’ as we prepare the mind, body and spirit for sinking into gentle guided meditation using ancient breathwork techniques (pranayamas). Unplug from your week and recharge with us on Meditation Thursdays!

Thursdays - 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Classes meet weekly - Donation Based

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class time to set up your seat.


Life is a celebration! What better way to celebrate than music? Kirtan is an ancient and joyful practice of simply coming together and singing. Although this idea exists in all cultures, Kirtan or “Satsang” as its also called, consists of sounds, or mantras, strung together to have an uplifting effect on the nervous system. Did you know that each sound vibrates in different parts of the body?

The word Satsang means “company of the truth.” When we sing and surround ourselves with positive company, we are able to let go, dissolve negative emotions and see things as they really are. A Kirtan session is usually call and response, so everyone can participate and benefit, even non-singers! Anand has been facilitating Kirtan sessions for many years, and invites you to come along and learn this simple and joyful art of letting go.

These events are Family Friendly!

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Our Teachers

  • Tanu Malaviya

    For Tanu, yoga is not only a practice on the mat, but the art of living life with skill and awareness off the mat. She feels our core nature is happiness, but stress, emotions and diet can affect our mental peace. When we obtain the skills to dissolve stress, nurture vitality and cultivate happiness, we are able to live life with natural ease and creativity … despite life’s ups and downs. Driven by her own challenges and journey into health and happiness, Tanu offers workshops and classes on meditation, yoga, breathing, self-care and wholesome eating based on Ayurveda.

    Tanu is one of two teachers in Eastern Washington, along with her husband Anand, who are authorised to facilitate meditation, yoga and self-development programs on behalf of the Art of Living Foundation, founded by renowned meditation master and humanitarian Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. She specialises in wholefood education, wellness therapies, children and youth self-development workshops as well as the respected Happiness Program for adults. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for 18 years and teaching for eight.

  • M.K. Anand

    Being part of the competitive, fast paced, business and engineering world, Anand is no stranger to stress and its impacts. As a young man at university, Anand saw a need to acquire tools that combat negative feelings and promote clarity during times of stress. Inspired by some uplifted friends, Anand was introduced to yoga, breath work and meditation offered by the Art of Living Foundation. Ironically, these were the same skills his parents tried to instill in him as a child, but it was not until he went looking for it himself did they take root. This served as a catalyst on his ongoing journey to becoming the best version of himself and sharing everything he has learned along the way. Anand now teaches what helps him the most: -The Happiness Program - a 3 day self-development workshop offered by the Art of Living Foundation, Yoga for Happiness, Kirtan and helping those looking to transition to a Whole-food, Plant-based diet. Anand has been practicing meditation, breath work and happiness for 18 years and teaching for eight.

All of our Weekly Class Listings are Drop-in Friendly. Pre-registration is required for all Series Classes.

Enrollment for each Series class is limited to between 12 and 18 students, with a 6 student registration minimum. Because each Series builds from the previous week’s lesson, no drop-ins are allowed.

Attendance is limited for Yoga 101, 102, and 103 Series Classes and pre-registration is required. Due to the popularity of these classes, series registration is non-refundable except in the event of class cancellation.

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